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TWICE Picks Award Winner: Whirlpool French Door-Within-Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator boasts a door-within-door feature that intends to reduce cold air loss and help keep drinks extra cold. The door-within-door design features a designated Cold Space, and an anticipated industry first: active cooling. This space has a separate air vent and metal panel, allowing the area to be kept a few degrees cooler than the rest of the interior space. With refrigerator doors typically warmer than the rest of the fridge, the dedicated Cold Space will allow drinks to be stored at the ideal temperature. Flexible organization is key within this refrigerator, allowing for greater access and better visibility. With features such as infinity slide shelves, families can move small items to the edges and make room for big, high-use items within the center of the refrigerator. An adjustable center pane glides as far as needed to accommodate taller items. The Perfect- Places system has a spot reserved for every item so that the refrigerator and freezer spaces do not become a dumping ground with overflowing bins.