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TWICE Picks Award Winner: TCL P3

TCL’s new P3 TV contains eco HDR, a suite of complete solutions that integrates content, hardware and software compliant with HDR standards. The MStar SoC used in the P3 line, the MS838, is billed as of the most powerful chips within the competitive price range in the industry. This SoC is engineered with superior calculation speed, graphics processing and multi-tasking capabilities, which in turn makes the images highly realistic. TCL’s use of forward-facing speakers allows the sound to travel directly to the viewer, ensuring accurate sonic quality. TCL chose dbx-tv’s Total Technology audio enhancement software, which custom calibrates the audio processing according to each television model’s speaker’s size, location and amplifier’s settings. This reportedly provides more natural audio quality with wider dynamic range and less distortion. The P3’s curved aluminum alloy bezel, with artistic polishing, sand blasting, and anodizing, is durable and rust resistant.