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TWICE Picks Award Winner: Rogers High Fidelity 65V-1 Amplifier

The Model 65V-1 is a Class A-designed all tube driven stereo amplifier that is designed to use of a pair of EL-34 or KT-88 Power tubes with no adjustment or changes. The auto bias circuit is meant to allow effortless operation for the user, and it also has select-able audio modes of triode and ultra liner operation. The 65V-1 will enhance the user experience with an iPad control application using Bluetooth connection, which will display output level information that is displayed on the application. All features can also be controlled manually on the units front panel. The 65V-1 uses a toroidal type power supply and a separate low noise DC tube filament power supply that enhances the pure fidelity signal reproduction. It also has a dedicated headphone output circuit for optimum performance when using headphones. All Rogers High Fidelity Products are built by hand one at a time using all military grade components and Teflon coated point to point wiring, and all come with a lifetime warranty.