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TV Shelf Leaders Repeat In Nov.

Samsung, Panasonic and Sony remained the leaders in TV shelf-share for the LCD TV, plasma and rear-projection categories, respectively, during the critical November sales period, according to a November TV placement scorecard from Current Analysis West, an NPD Group company.

Ranking order changed little in November for the LCD TV category, Current Analysis West said, although Philips was singled out for making the largest shelf-share gains in the period. The brand posted a 1.1 percentage point gain in retail LCD TV placements from October to November, the firm said.

The gains allowed the manufacturer to attain a shelf share of 11.5 percent for the month, which placed Philips third in LCD placement ranking.

Current Analysis West pointed out that the gains for the Philips brand came at the same time that the company’s Magnavox brand registered a shelf-share decline.

Polaroid posted a single percentage point decline from October to November 2007 in LCD TV placements. Aside from this, the rest of the LCD TV retail channel remained relatively unchanged, with Samsung and Sony battling for the top of the pack.

Continuing to push to Full HD 1080p offerings, November saw three new 1080p SKUs in the plasma retail channel, a 50-inch set and a 60-inch model from Hitachi, and a 65-inch unit from Panasonic, Current Analysis West said.

Hitachi recorded two new placements with Best Buy and was able to increase its shelf share by 1.9 percentage points, the second highest increase for the month.

The biggest shelf-share gains for the month came from Panasonic, which increased its shelf-share lead by 4.5 percentage points. The gain gave Panasonic a 29 percent shelf share of the retail plasma market, its highest shelf share in a one-year period.

Meanwhile, Pioneer, LG and Magnavox all saw the biggest month-over-month declines in plasma shelf share, Current Analysis West said.

In rear-projection TV, Sony held its leadership stake behind its SXRD offerings, despite big gains from Samsung and Mitsubishi.

Sony released two new SKUs into the channel for November, but still saw a slight 0.27 percentage point decrease in its shelf share as overall placements dropped from 55 percent in October to 50 percent in November 2007, Current Analysis West said.

In contrast, Samsung and Mitsubishi made some significant month-to-month gains, of 1.2 and 2 percentage points, respectively.

Panasonic, Samsung and Sony added new models in the period, including Panasonic’s 50-inch LCD-based unit, while Samsung added a 61-inch DLP at Sam’s Club. Sony introduced 50-inch and 55-inch models at Fry’s Electronics and Costco, respectively, according to the report.