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Triad Speakers Redesigns Subs

Portland, Ore. — Triad Speakers redesigned its InRoom OmniSub series of three powered subwoofers to improve cosmetics and performance while maintaining current price points.

The 200-watt Sub8, 300-watt Sub10 and 500-watt Sub12 maintain their predecessors’ retails of $550, $750 and $950, respectively.

To clean up their appearance, the company removed a click-wheel control pad from the top of the cabinet and replaced it with control knobs behind the grille, where they’re accessible even if the sub is placed in a furniture cabinet.

The previous click-wheel control pad worked in tandem with a remote, but now the company placed controls knobs located behind the grille to control auto sensing power on, crossover with default LFE, gain and phase.

Triad also upgraded to a long-throw carbon-fiber cone to deliver lower distortion, but it retained the subs’ driver sizes. The company also replaced the amps with more efficient Class D amps, which marketing director Paul Teixeira said “retain the sound quality of traditional, hotter-running Class AB amps yet operate more efficiently and cooler, making them extremely reliable.”

Here’s what the sealed-box subwoofers offer:

The OmniSub 8 features 8-inch long-excursion carbon fiber cone woofer driven by a 200-watt amp; signal-sensing turn-on; gain, crossover and phase adjustments; line- and speaker-level inputs and unfiltered outputs; and 32Hz-300Hz (+/-2dB) frequency response.

The OmniSub 10 steps up to a 10-inch driver, 300-watt amp and frequency response of

27Hz to 300Hz (+/-2dB).

The Omni Sub12 steps up to a 12-inch driver, 500-watt amp and frequency response of 17Hz to 300Hz (+/-2dB).