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Triad Speakers Makes Strategic Move

Custom-speaker manufacturer Triad Speakers is venturing into two-channel audio electronics now that it has obtained exclusive U.S. rights to distribute Lyngdorf Audio products.

The distribution deal marks the U.S. debut of products from the two-year-old Danish company, founded by hi-fi veteran Peter Lyngdorf and a founder of Tact Audio in Europe. Like Tact, Lyngdorf Audio is focused on digital audio, including DSP-based room correction.

Lyngdorf’s products include the RoomPerfect DSP-based room correction system, a 2.2-channel technology available as a stand-alone processor, incorporated in a digital preamp and as an option in an integrated amplifier. Lyngdorf also offers digital amplifiers, an outboard analog-to-digital converter, a CD player and freestanding loudspeakers.

Before the Lyngdorf deal, Triad focused on custom installed in-wall, on-wall and in-ceiling speakers and freestanding speakers.

In the Lyngdorf line, one of the three RoomPerfect options is the $4,000-suggested RP-1 stand-alone processor, which is designed to integrate with any component-based stereo system. RoomPerfect is also built into the company’s $5,500-suggested DPA-1 digital preamplifier and in the $7,500-suggested TDAI 2200 digital integrated amplifier.

Lyngdorf’s fully digital amplification technology, which features volume control performed in the power supply, appears in the $15,500-suggested Millennium Mk IV amplifier, rated at 2×150 watts at 8 ohms or 2×300 watts at 4 ohms. Fully digital amplification also appears in the TDAI 2200 integrated amplifier, rated at 2×200 watts at 8 ohms or 375 watts at 4 ohms. Its price ranges from a suggested $4,500 to $7,500 depending on options.

The TDAI 2200 analog-to-digital (A/D) converter is available as an option in the TDAI 2200 integrated amplifier, bringing its price to a suggested $5,200. The Millennium ADC Outboard A/D converter retails for a suggested $7,250, or $9,500 with phono stage.

The MH-1 Mk II full-range speakers, at a suggested $5,600 each, can be selected to play with their internal passive crossovers or, with crossovers bypassed, in active-crossover mode. Also available is the W210 corner woofer at a suggested $2,200 each.