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Triad Speakers Expands Invisible Series

Portland, Ore. — Triad Speakers expanded its selection of invisible architectural speakers with the addition of three models that reduce the opening price of invisible speakers to $500 from $650.

The company’s Invisible Designer series grows to 11 SKUs from eight with the additions.

The passive flat-panel speaker panels, which mount flush to the wall, consist of an aluminum frame, transducers, and a rigid aluminum honeycomb core covered with a paper skin. Plaster, drywall compound, mud skims and veneer can be applied over the paper and painted so the speakers disappear from sight.

The new models feature a smaller footprint than the other models in the series for added install flexibility, the company said. The new models measure 15.75 inches by 11.8 inches by 1.6 inches.

The models are the DSi-1 at a suggested $500 each, the $700-each DSi-2dc dual-channel stereo speaker, and the $700-each version DSi-3. For these and all other speakers but the top-end model, a separately sold $100 high-pass crossover filter is needed per speaker pair. For the top-end model, the crossover costs $150.

All Designer-series speakers mount between walls studs in typical home construction, the company said.

“Our ability to hit lower price points on such sophisticated technology gives the Triad dealer more options to place music throughout the house,” said marketing director Paul Teixeira .

The speakers in the series carry a 10-year limited warranty.