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Trend Micro has beefed up its mobile security software line with the release of its Mobile Security Personal Addition title.

The software places additional emphasis on protecting consumers from social-media-based cybercrime along with threats attacking through mobile devices, said Brook Stein, Trend Micro’s senior product manager, consumer segment.

It is now available for $29.99 for a one-year subscription.

To counter these threats Trend Micro has bundled its Titanium Maximum Security software in the suite. This protects against social network intrusions and through mobile devices.

The some criminal activity comes from fake links being placed on Facebook pages and other sites that once clicked upon take the user to a site where malware is downloaded that could be used to steal passwords, keystrokes and info that will give a thief access to bank accounts.

Stein said this illegal activity is a $1 trillion business worldwide with 300,000 pieces of malware being released into the world every day.

Trend Micro’s software scans each link and gives it either a green or red coloring indicating whether it is considered safe.

The proliferation of mobile devices, particularly the open-source Android has created a new pathway to consumer’s important data.

“Mobile is becoming a very big space for us and Android is an open platform so it’s a bigger potential problem,” Stein said.

Apps are another method criminals are using to grab sensitivity information, Stein said. Even apps found on official sites can be problematic so Trend Micro’s software scans each app and will send out an alarm if it is deemed infected.

The software also has the ability to help track down or render inoperative a lost or stolen Android device. Users go to a web portal where it can be tracked using Google maps. It can also be locked via the portal and all the contents can even be wiped off the device by triggering a factory reset. The software also locks the device if the SIM card is removed.


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