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‘Transformers’ Sets HD DVD Sales Record

Paramount Home Entertainment’s HD DVD release of “Transformers” set a new high-definition disc record for most sales on the first day and the first week of release.

The studio said more than 100,000 discs sold on the first day and more than 190,000 sold in its first week. It is “quickly becoming the best-selling HD DVD ever,” Paramount said. The studio recently announced it will release high-definition discs exclusively in the format.

The “Transformers” HD DVD is offered in a two-disc package, offering extensive bonus material expanded with Web-enabled features. The movie also offers very high quality image and sound transfer, which should make it a popular tool for in-store HD demonstration material.

The news puts the Toshiba-developed HD disc format on more solid footing heading into the critical holiday selling season, which some industry observers say could be a make-or-break period in the HD disc format war.