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Tracks AIR

Building on their passion for great sound and style, as well the legacy of the completely interchangeable and indestructible Tracks headphones, SOL REPUBLIC announced their first wireless headphone, Tracks AIR ($199.99), in October 2013. Tracks AIR bring a one-of-a-kind feature set that allows music lovers to experience superior sound alongside the convenience of being “unchained” from wires.   Developed specifically for Bluetooth audio, new A2 sound engines deliver full and clear sound wirelessly, while remaining power efficient and still providing the listener up to 15 hours of battery life (2x the standard), enough for a long flight or all-day cram session. Even if the battery does run low, Tracks AIR also allows you to conveniently plug in standard SOL REPUBLIC cables and wire-in for unlimited use.   An unmatched 150-foot wireless range (5x the standard) gives you the freedom to wander the house or gym without your phone attached to your hip, while retaining the ability to take and answer phone calls if needed. Additionally, Tracks AIR also allows you to connect two devices via Bluetooth or NFC helping seamlessly transition from the movie on your tablet to an incoming phone call with the touch of a button. Tracks AIR also maintains the interchangeability of the Tracks series, allowing music lovers to swap PowerTrack™ headphones for different colors and styles.   Sporting the most advanced wireless technologies available, SOL REPUBLIC was able to introduce a unique wireless headphone that’s affordable, stylish and offers wired sound, wirelessly.