Toshiba/SanDisk In Joint Flash Fab Deal


MANASSAS, Va.--SanDisk and Toshiba reported today the formation of a joint venture called FlashVision that will develop advanced flash memory wafers for digital cameras, portable music players and other devices.

FlashVision products will be made in an existing fabrication plant here and SanDisk and Toshiba will equally share the factory's output. The two firms will invest a combined $700 million to update the facility and hire 600 additional workers. The first wafers are expected to come off the production line in the latter half of 2001 with mass production taking place the following year.

The wafers can be used to create all types of flash memory cards, a SanDisk spokesman said. The two companies have competing flash memory cards on the market with Toshiba marketing SmartMedia and SanDisk marketing CompactFlash.


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