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Toshiba Reveals 20MP Smartphone CMOS Sensor

Tokyo – Toshiba launched on Wednesday a new 1/2.4-inch 20-megapixel back side illuminated CMOS image sensor for 6mm z-height camera modules in smartphones and tablets.

Sample shipments of the T4KA7 are said to start today.

Toshiba said the sensor was developed to keep step with the increasing market demand for smaller smartphones and tablets with much higher resolution cameras.

 The sensor has a 1.12-micrometer pixel size contributing to a smaller chip.

Toshiba’s new sensor achieves 20 megapixel images at its highest level and realizes 6mm z-height camera modules for smartphones and tablets.

The new sensor also offers an improved frame rate of 22fps, 1.8 times faster than that of Toshiba’s previous 20-megapixel sensor.

A reference module with the new sensor will be available September 1, the company said.