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Toshiba Previews LCoS And Blue Laser

Toshiba indicated it is working on a number of new technological innovations including a blue laser optical disc recording drive and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) projection TV systems.

The company gave CES showgoers a glimpse of the next-generation technologies, saying the blue laser device will write 30GB of data per disc side capable of holding three hours of high definition TV. The drive, which is not expected to be a shipping product for several years, is expected to have PC and audio/video applications.

An operating model of the 57-inch Cinema Series 57HCX82 HD LCoS TV was on display and a company spokesman said Toshiba expects it to start shipping by the fall with a suggested retail price below $10,000. The model uses a three-chip LCoS and has higher resolution capabilities than conventional LCD projection models. In addition, the technology allows for the TV to be thinner, about 17 inches, and lighter, about 130 pounds.

Toshiba also demonstrated its RD-2000 rewritable DVD player. The device is a combination DVD-RAM and PVR and is now on sale in Japan and expected to ship in the United States later this year. The RD-2000 has an 80GB hard drive and features time slip. The feature set may change on the final U.S. version.