Toshiba Authorizes To Sell CE Products

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PORTLAND, Ore. - reports that it has been authorized by Toshiba America Consumer Electronics to sell the manufacturer's full line of consumer electronics products on the website, becoming the first Internet-only retailer approved to do so.

According to a prepared statement, will be the only pure Internet site Toshiba will authorize through the end of this year. The e-tailer is also authorized as an Internet-only retailer by Sony, Pioneer and Kenwood.

Frank Sadowski,'s senior VP of merchandising & operations, commented, "We're excited to pass along with this quality and value [product line] to our own customers, and, at the same time, reaffirm our continued commitment to provide unparalleled customer service and product selection."

Rick Calacci, Toshiba's field sales VP, said, "In the Internet economy, interactive customer service programs are essential for success in online retailing. We recognize's leadership in this field and are pleased to establish a direct relationship with an Internet-only retailer with such an impressive track record."

As part of the agreement Toshiba will list the site as an authorized dealer on the Toshiba website and provide a direct link to the e-tailer. As with all of its product offerings will provide in-depth product information, side-by-side comparisons and customer reviews for Toshiba products.


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