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Thomson Launches Promo Programs

Thomson multimedia announced a consumer digital television sweepstakes promotion timed to take advantage of its broadcast production sponsorship of FOX Network’s Super Bowl XXXVI coverage in digital widescreen 480p enhanced definition TV format.

“To further enhance future widescreen TV viewing opportunities, Thomson is conducting The RCA On-Line of Scrimmage Sweepstakes, which offers consumers the opportunity to win a number of valuable home entertainment products including RCA HDTVs and DVD players or an official Super Bowl XXXVI jacket,” stated Mike O’Hara, Thomson consumer products marketing & sales executive VP.

In a separate promotion, Thomson will join Microsoft, Frito Lay and Wal-Mart in an Xbox sweepstakes awarding Xbox game players and RCA home theater systems to winners.

For the Super Bowl program, Thomson said it ran a full-page ad in USA Today on Feb. 1 announcing the sweepstakes program. Consumers were directed to for instructions on entering the contest, or they could enter by U.S. mail. More than 200 prizes will be awarded, including 10 RCA HDTVs, 50 RCA RC5215 DVD players and 150 official Super Bowl jackets.

The 10 grand prizewinners can choose from one of three of the following RCA HDTVs:

  • RCA HD65W20 65-inch (diagonal) fully integrated rear projection widescreen 16×9 HDTV (suggested retail price $3,999). The HD65W20 includes an ATSC tuner/decoder that receives high-definition and standard definition digital and analog over-the-air signals plus a built-in high-definition DirecTV satellite receiver.
  • RCA P61310 (suggested retail price $3,499) 61-inch fully integrated rear projection widescreen 16×9 HDTV with built-in ATSC tuner/decoder. The P61310 includes Advanced Twin Tuner Picture-in-Picture (NTSC only), SYNCROSCAN HD Component Video Inputs, and Hi-Gain Dark-Tint Screen for improved picture brightness.
  • RCA F38310 (suggested retail price $2,499) 38-inch fully integrated direct-view HDTV with built-in ATSC tuner/decoder and DirecTV satellite receiver. The industry’s largest widescreen 16×9 direct-view HDTV, the F38310 includes Advanced Twin-Tuner PIP, SYNCROSCAN HD Component Video Inputs, and INVAR Shadow Mask for optimum picture performance.

Winners of the RCA On-Line of Scrimmage Sweepstakes will be chosen in a random drawing by an independent judging organization. The contest ran through Feb. 9.

In another promotion, Microsoft is teaming with the makers of Doritos snack chips, Thomson Consumer Electronics and Wal-Mart Stores in February to award 10 Xbox consoles and RCA home theater systems through an “instant winner” contest advertised on 10 million bags of Doritos chips. RCA’s contribution will include a big-screen TV (P46921 46-inch rear projection set) and surround sound audio system (RT2500).

In addition, the contest will issue game pieces with a unique code number in all bags. Consumers can match up the code to winning codes on the web site to win either a free Xbox “cheat code” or music file from one of the Xbox game titles. Alternatively, they may be given a second chance to win an Xbox game console.

Wal-Mart will provide a special link off of the Doritos promotional Web site giving consumers “a special price” on Xbox hardware and software.

Meanwhile, Microsoft said it is also joining with popular rock/rap group Linkin Park in a multi-city promotion for Xbox.

The promotion kicks off with the band’s first “Projekt: Revolution tour,” which is designed to combine the fan bases for the group and the game system.

Microsoft executives said the core demographic of the Linkin Park audience “is dead-on to ours” — with a heavy percentage of 16-26-year-old males.

“We’re huge fans of Xbox,” said Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson. “We’ve been playing it since before it came out, and we’re excited about the opportunity to include Xbox in the first Projekt: Revolution tour.”

“Linkin Park is an amazing band and a great partner,” said John O’Rourke, director of sales and marketing for Xbox. “They’ve taken the music industry by storm, and we feel Xbox couldn’t tour with a cooler group.”

Microsoft recently reported sales of 1.5 million Xbox units at the end of calendar 2001, representing “one of the most successful launches in video game history,” according to the company. Xbox is slated to launch in Japan on Feb. 22, and in Europe and Australia on March 14.

The Linkin Park Projekt: Revolution tour began Jan. 29, in Colorado Springs, Colo. Currently scheduled to travel to 19 markets nationwide, the tour also will feature bands Adema, Cypress Hill and DJ-ZTRIP.

Supplementary tour dates and locations are as follows: Jan. 30 in Wichita, Kan.; Feb. 1 in Chicago; Feb. 2 in Madison, Wis.; Feb. 4 in Detroit; Feb. 5 in Dayton, Ohio; Feb. 7 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Feb. 8 in Uniondale, N.Y.; Feb. 9 in State College, Pa.; Feb. 11 in Lowell, Mass.; Feb. 12 in Fairfax, Va.; Feb. 13 in Philadelphia; Feb. 16 in Memphis, Tenn.; Feb. 17 in Dallas/Fort Worth; Feb. 18 in Oklahoma City; Feb. 20 in Phoenix; Feb. 22 in Long Beach, Calif.; Feb. 23 in San Diego; and Feb. 24 in Las Vegas.

Microsoft will give away Xbox consoles signed by each member of the group using radio station contests in each market of the promotion.