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Thieves And Storms Won’t Be Able To Silence’s LTE Voice is expanding the capabilities of its LTE-connected security and home-automation system with the launch of Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE).

With VoLTE service, homeowners get hands-free two-way voice communication with a central monitoring station over Verizon’s LTE network during an emergency.

Last year, the company teamed with Verizon to become the first company to deliver smart-home services via an LTE connection, the company said.

With a dedicated cellular connection, systems can’t be defeated by thieves who cut phone lines to prevent monitoring by a central monitoring station, the company said. Because of their backup battery, the systems can be accessed remotely during a power outage, which cuts remote access to home-control systems that rely on home networking components such as broadband modems and Wi-Fi routers.’s residential systems, controlled from an app, are sold exclusively through a network of licensed and authorized dealers, including security dealers and systems integrators. systems connect to a range of home-automation devices.

The company went public earlier this year.