Teac Takes On 2- Channel Stance



Teac is focusing on twochannel solutions in its Reference series and very-high-end Esoteric series.

In the Reference series, six new two-channel products include receivers, CD-receivers, and a DVD-receiver, all with connections to iPods and USB sticks. Two receivers include Ethernet and Wi-Fi to stream Internet radio and music files from a networked PC, and two receivers enable users to convert CDs, vinyl records, and cassettes to WMA and MP3 files for storage on a USB drive.

The $359-suggested CR-H238i CD-receiver features iPod/USB input and ability to play MP3/WMA files from USB drives and from SD memory cards. An optional iPod dock streams composite and S-video outputs from the iPod.

The $499 AG-H380i receiver lacks CD player but adds USB capture of iPod audio in digital PCM format. It also adds phono preamp and ability to rip songs from connected CD players, cassette decks and turntables to USB drives in MP3 and WMA formats.

The $569-suggested DR-H338i DVDreceiver plays DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs, incorporates Dolby Digital 5.1 virtual surround technology, and comes with 1080p HDMI upscaling. Other features include MP3/WMA playback from USB drives, USB iPod interface, and optional iPod video dock.

At $799, the CR-H500NT CD-receiver features iPod/USB port to capture an iPod’s digital output and ability to convert CDs, vinyl records and cassettes to MP3 and WMA files for USB storage. The unit also features wired Ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi to stream Internet radio and PC-stored music in multiple formats, MP3/WMA playback from USB drives, and a phono preamp.

The top stereo receiver is the $1,499 AGH600NT, which lacks CD player but features Ethernet and Wi-Fi to stream Internet radio and PC-stored music. It lacks USB input but includes phono preamp and connectivity to an iPod dock.

Two new SACD players in the Esoteric series are the $13,000-suggested K-03 and $22,500-suggested K-01, both of which can be used as DACs to process digital PCM audio streamed through a USB 2.0 port and two digital inputs.


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