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TDVison Unveils $999 Tablet PC

Taiwanese monitor maker TDVison debuted a $999 Tablet PC at RetailVision last month that it intends to bring to retail by early May.

The NVison 1000 Tablet PC will be the company’s first retail product, according to Steven Casillas, TDVison product and senior account manager. The 1000 will come in two basic variants, one utilizing the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and a second with the new Windows XP Tablet OS.

The basic hardware configuration has a 1GHz Transmeta processor, 12-inch LCD, 20GB hard drive and 256MB of memory. A third SKU powered by an Intel processor and with built-in wireless networking capability is in development with a fourth quarter launch date, Casillas said. It comes with a keyboard that fits into carrying case that can also function as a computer stand. The keyboard communicates to the Tablet PC through an infrared connection.

TDVison’s retail strategy is centered on the model’s $999 price point, which well below the $1,600 street price of competitive models, Casillas said. The price point and the model’s capabilities should enable it to compete against standard notebook computers, as well.

Tablet PCs became available at retail in mid-November 2002. According to the research firm Gartner Dataquest, 35,544 units shipped into the U.S. market with 69,467 units shipping worldwide during last November and December, the most recent numbers available to Gartner.

TDVison is now in the process of setting up its retail technical help center, a task expected to be completed in three months.

The company, which primarily sells monitors into the reseller and VAR channels, already sells a Tablet PC in Europe.