TDK Rolls Out Premium Audio Line



TDK Life On Record has begun rolling out its expanded selection of premium audio products, including iPod-docking boomboxes, an iPod-docking tabletop audio system, turntables and a new headphone pair.

The products were unveiled late last year.

Select models are already available in the U.S. and Canada at

, Best Buy,

, Future Shop and

. The turntables will be available in April. Additional retailers that will begin offering selected products in April include J&R, La Curacao,

and Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Last year, the Imation-owned brand launched its first audio products -- two headphones -- in the U.S.

All of the products are positioned as delivering premium hi-fi-quality sound with premium finishes.

The products include a three-speaker “boombox audio system” at $499 and a smaller two-speaker boombox audio system at $399. Both are AC/DC models with AM/FM tuner and connectivity to multiple audio sources. The models’ USB Host port streams music from the digital PCM outputs of a connected iPod/iPhone and streams MP3- and WMAencoded music stored on USB drives and hard drives.

The iPod-docking tabletop system is the $299 AC/DC Sound Cube Audio System, which is shaped like a cube and features coaxial speakers firing from opposite sides. It’s designed for placement in the center of a room.

The two turntables feature embedded phono preamp, and one features USB output and included PC software to rip vinyl to MP3. They retail for $299 and $399, respectively.


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