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TDK Fills In Blanks With CD-RW Drive

TDK Electronics will unveil a line of CD-RW drives later this year, breaking away from the company’s longstanding tradition of concentrating on the blank media market.

The TDK veloCD ReWriter will ship in the fourth quarter with a $349 suggested retail price, company officials said. It will feature 8x write, 4x rewrite and 32x read speeds, and 24x ripping, or digital audio extraction, speed.

The unit’s ripping speed means the device can convert three minutes of audio into a computer WAV file in about nine seconds.

A 650MB CD-R/RW disc can be created in about nine minutes, according to a company spokesman.

The ReWriter can be used to create personalized music CDs by copying already-owned music CDs or by downloading MP3 and other music files from the Internet. — Doug Olenick