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Targus Headphones Cancel Noise To Improve Quality

Targus active noise cancellation headphones, designed to reduce ambient background noise and improve audio quality, are compatible with most notebook computers, DVD players, portable music players and in-flight entertainment systems.

The headphones operate by using a combination of active and passive noise cancellation, whereby each ear contains a tiny microphone that picks up the noise that users hear. During active noise cancellation, the microphones feed the noise through an electric circuit where it is processed and cause the speakers to produce a sound that cancels out noise. This process allows audio to sound much clearer and crisper to the user, said Targus.

Passive noise cancellation results from the large size of the ear cups and ear pads that are designed to surround and seal the ear. This prevents a large degree of noise from entering the headphones. Suggested retail is $49.99.

Targus also is making available a USB Bluetooth adapter for notebook computers. The tiny accessory allows users to wirelessly connect up to 7 Bluetooth devices, such as printers, PDAs, mobile phones, mice and keyboards and the notebook.

The miniature adapter, which fits in a pocket, is operable in almost any environment, said Targus, and can communicate with devices within a 33-foot range. It will function through walls and other nonmetal barriers. The adapter has a suggested $39.99 retail.

An aluminum attaché notebook case, which fits notebooks with up to 17-inch screens, is new from Targus. The case includes two adjustable dividers to customize the case for smaller notebooks. For further protection, a restraint strap helps prevent notebooks form moving during transport.

The case offers a sleek black exterior and features two combination locks and a self-locking closure to keep case contents secure. The padded interior is designed for organization, including mobile accessory sleeves, pen loops, a business card holder and an expandable file organizer section. Suggested retail is $99.99.