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Tannoy Opens Ears With Eyris

Tannoy brought supertweeter-equipped speakers to lower price points with the launch of the Eyris series, designed for use with DVD-Audio and SACD players. The series consists of three L-R pairs, a surround, and a center channel, all delivering response out to 40kHz. The L-R models are priced from $1,000-$2,200/pair. The company’s other supertweeter-equipped speakers start at $6,000/pair in the Dimension series.

Although sound beyond 20kHz isn’t audible, rep Darrin Kavanagh said the supertweeters deliver improvements in the audible range, particularly from 500Hz-5kHz, thus enhancing such characteristics as definition and spatiality. Traditional speakers that roll off around 23kHz introduce phase anomalies and timing errors in the audible range, he said.