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TabletTV Joins OTA TV Promo Efforts

Washington – TabletTV, a joint venture by Motive Television and Granite Broadcasting, has joined in an effort to promote the delivery of free, local and live broadcast TV to tablets and smart devices in the United States.

TabletTV, which first launched in San Francisco last month, offers dozens of local broadcast channels and access to major network programming without subscription fees or monthly charges.

TabletTV, which is the 29th organization to join, said it intends to work with TVfreedom coalition members to help push for legislation and policies that will enable local broadcast TV stations to flourish, while protect access to free and local broadcast TV programming on multiple digital platforms.

“TabletTV is pleased to partner with to advocate for the interest of consumers and local broadcast TV stations across America,” stated Luc Tomasino, TabletTV chief marketing officer. “We believe that every wireless consumer in America has a right to watch the most popular network and local TV programming – live sports, news, entertainment – available on broadcast television when they want, where they want with no monthly bill. It’s our mission to make it simple for U.S. consumers to enjoy access to dozens of free, local broadcast channels via their tablets with no monthly subscriptions or contracts.”

TabletTV is viewed as a digital platform solution of maintaining free over the air broadcast TV to consumers opting for pay-TV cord-cutting solutions.

“New competitive entrants like TabletTV will help lead an evolution in new broadcast-centric video services that will dramatically alter the face of the U.S. communications ecosystem, and in particular, as it relates to the rapid and cost-efficient delivery of video content to the U.S. consumer over a variety of next-generation wireless platforms,” stated Robert C. Kenny, public affairs director.

“We’re happy to partner with TabletTV to support the interest of America’s consumers and local broadcast TV stations as Washington’s decision-makers accelerate efforts to modernize U.S. video laws, rules and policies,” Kenny said.

TabletTV is available to consumers to for a one-time set up fee of $89.95 to purchase and receive the TabletTV mobile application that downloads to their tablet and a T-Pod antenna.

The T-Pod communicates directly with the tablet without the need of the Internet by pairing the tablet with a private Wi-Fi emitted by the T-Pod.

It scans for local broadcast channels and delivers as many as 120 local broadcast channels to the viewers’ tablet.

The TabletTV app also provides the viewer with a full listing of available broadcast TV channels with daily programming schedules.

The system delivers both standard and high definition content in the home as well as outdoors on mobile devices with the use of the portable T-Pod antenna. In situations where the T-Pod has access to a home or shared Wi-Fi network, simultaneous TabletTV and Internet access (and thus social media capabilities) are enabled, the company said.

Once set up, there are no subscription charges or recurring fees to watch and record free and local broadcast TV programming.

The T-Pod is essentially a digital TV antenna (ATSC tuner) and DVR, bundled together into a compact, rechargeable device.

The broadcast TV service for tablets will enable viewers to watch and record live broadcast content in every market in the U.S. and, in association with local broadcasting partners.