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Tablet Accessories: Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree

TWICE VIP Award 2016 Winner! The Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 provides valuable drop protection that retains full functionality and access to the core features of the Surface Pro 4. Touted as the tablet that can replace user laptops, the Surface Pro 4 offers an impressive combination of power and portability. To help users protect this valuable mobile investment, Kensington said its designers worked closely with Microsoft as a member of the “Designed for Surface” program to create the BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case. The case surrounds the tablet with a strong, rugged TPU body for maximum protection against drops, while also providing a flexible silicone hand strap, non-slip grip, and unobstructed access to the things that make Surface unique such as the click-in Type Cover and kickstand, full USB 3.0 port, cameras, and more. The Type Cover keyboard can be easily attached or detached with the case on, and a strategic cutout preserves full functionality of the Surface kickstand. An integrated Surface Pen holder provides a convenient place to store the important accessory so it’s less likely to go missing. Other cutouts ensure the Surface Pro 4 won’t overheat, and connecting a Microsoft Surface dock.