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T-ROC Adds Home Security To Its Growth Strategy

T-ROC, a supplier of third-party retail services, wants to bring its solutions to the under-utilized smart-home security category.

Founded in 2007 by Brett Beveridge, T-ROC (The Revenue Optimization Companies) encompasses four separate entities under its umbrella of services. Its Consumer Insight division provides mystery shopping and large-scale programs that need to be completed in a short period of time. For example, if the new version of a smartphone is launching, this division and its 15,000-worker network will visit 10,000 pints of distribution to reset displays and ensure the device is ready for representation.

Current and past clients include Jabra, Comcast, Cricket and Belkin.

Mobile Insight, meanwhile, is a software company that aids retailers with lead generation and employee tracking, while Symbits serves as IT support for small and medium retailers.

The fourth entity, the Retail Outsource, is the T-ROC business that aids retailers with everything from consulting and design, to store management and operation. It operates stores within stores, with 200 wireless kiosks in Walmart among its most high-profile gigs. Other past and present clients also include Apple, Macy’s, AT&T, T-Mobile and others.

T-ROC’s president/CEO Beveridge, who previously founded wireless specially retailers and Let’s Talk Cellular & Wireless, recently told TWICE the Retail Outsource doubled its sales from 2015 to 2016. With intentions of doubling that number again for 2017, the firm is launching a new omnichannel solution for retailers that educates consumers about home security. In addition to providing personalized consulting services on the floor and with a dedicated kiosk, T-ROC will even send employees to consumers’ homes to help them choose the best security systems. Noted Beveridge: “Being able to buy a smart home security solution in a store is impossible, unless it’s a DIY.”

Consumers will not be charged for the service — only the products they purchase — and, in some cases, neither will the retailers, Beveridge said. “We have a platform of different providers that will leverage retailers’ relationships,” said Beveridge, “or we have our own national agreements and can provide whole platform turnkey to the retailer.”

Also on tap as part of T-ROC’s growth strategy is a white-glove concierge screen-repair service for cellphones and tablets. Hoping to bring the profile of screen repair up a notch, the Retail Outsource will make house or business calls or even visit students at school. Pricing for a fix will range from $79 to $279, depending upon the phone model, and it will also repair batteries, camera lenses, charging and microphone ports, water damage and other issues.

The new services are slated to launch this month.