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T-Mobile Expands Wideband-LTE Service

Bellevue, Wash. – T-Mobile rolled out Wideband-LTE service to its 26th major market, the New York City metro area, up from 19 just a couple months ago.

Wideband LTE is available in 26 major markets or in 120 metropolitan statistical areas in 28 states, the carrier said.

The service, which expands available LTE bandwidth to 15+15MHz, delivers theoretical peak download speeds of 110Mbps, enabling users to download a 90-minute HD movie to their phone or tablet in 3.5 minutes or a music album in nine seconds, the carrier said.

The additional bandwidth boosts download speeds by 50 percent, and some New York City users have reported download speeds exceeding 100Mbps, the company said.

The carrier is also rolling out 700MHz spectrum for LTE, owning or having agreements to own 700MHz in markets reaching 176 million people, including nine of the top 10 markets and 22 of the top 30. The first 700MHz cell sites are up and running.

In the New York City area, Wideband LTE covers Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island and northern N.J. Westchester County and central New Jersey will be added soon.