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T-Mobile Adds Free Netflix In Latest ‘Un-Carrier’ Move

T-Mobile has added a major new incentive to its basket of wireless lures.

Beginning next Tuesday (Sept. 12), the carrier will pick up the tab for Netflix’s standard $9.99, two-screen HD service for all T-Mo subscribers who maintain at least two lines on its core unlimited One plan.

New and existing Netflix subscribers can also opt for the step-up Ultra HD, four-screen service ($11.99), and pay the monthly difference.

The announcement, aired live online this morning by CEO John Legere and his senior management team, represents the crimson carrier’s 14th “Un-Carrier” initiative. The years-long series of disruptive actions most recently included the T-Mobile One subscription plan, which offers four lines with unlimited data, text and voice for $40 each per month, taxes and fees included.

The one caveat with One: a maximum video resolution of 480p, which allows the network to support unlimited streaming. Nonetheless, the plan compelled leading mobile carriers Verizon Wireless and AT&T to up their own unlimited data games, which has reportedly taken a toll on their respective networks.

Legere described the Netflix offer as an industry exclusive, and part of “a long-term partnership and relationship.”

COO Michael Sievert said Netflix is “the No. 1 paid streaming service on our network,” and called the move “a big, bold, risky investment” that, like prior incentives, should lead to subscriber and revenue growth, followed by increased profitability and investment.

The carrier will tout the new Netflix pact tomorrow with a series of Twitter-based contests and giveaways.