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Syntax Introduces $3,700 42W-Inch LCD TV

Syntax Groups, an LCD TV manufacturer based here, announced at the recent RetailVision event that it has introduced a 42W-inch fully integrated high-definition LCD TV set priced to compete head-to-head with entry HD plasma sets.

The Olevia LT42HVi will ship in June at a $3,700 suggested retail price. The high-definition set features built-in ATSC tuning to receive terrestrial digital broadcasts, a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, 1,366 by 768 picture resolution, 8 millisecond response time and HDMI with HDCP digital input.

In addition, the flat-panel set will offer black bezel design cosmetics.

At 42W-inches, the DTV set will compete head-to-head with the most popular HD plasma screen size, and will sell for only $300 more than a 42W-inch fully integrated HDTV plasma set from Maxent, which is among the lowest priced in the market. Additionally, it will be priced to sell below the cost of many tier-one integrated high-definition plasma sets.

James Li, Syntax Groups’ CEO, called the model “the ideal cross-over product for consumers who desire an affordable large format digital TV that they can enjoy for an extended number of years without the negative attributes associated with plasma TVs.”

The company is stressing lower power consumption, longevity and resistance to image burn-in as key selling points of LCD over comparable plasma products, Li said.

Li attributed the aggressive price point to Syntax’s strong component procurement team, which is focused on obtaining the latest and richest feature sets at the lowest possible cost.

The LCD panel glass is manufactured by LG.Philips in Korea, while a majority of the set’s other components are produced in Taiwan, Li said.

Li said Syntax has significantly expanded its retail distribution over the last year, with accounts growing from one a year ago to over 92 percent of the retail attendees of RetailVision.

National chains carrying the line include CompUSA, RadioShack, Staples and, while regional chains include ABC Warehouse, American TV, H.H. Gregg, Micro Center and R.C. Wiley. Li said total retail outlets exceed 6,000 brick-and-mortar stores.

Sales are directed by 30-year CE industry veteran Dennis Karpeles, Syntax Group’s sales senior VP.

The LT42HVi will include Syntax’s proprietary “iDEA”(Innovative Digitally Enhanced Architecture) digital video processing technology, which offers a suite of built-in and user-selectable picture and sound adjustments, which the company said will offer sharp resolution and audio synchronization through a digital sound processor (DSP).

The integrated system-on-a-chip adjusts color, contrast, sharpness, motion and noise. In addition, iDEA technology is said to enhance dynamic brightness, contrast and edge reproduction, while extending black levels and limiting white peak.

The panel also includes super in-plane switching technology to improve image performance. The technology is said to deliver higher color saturation, wide viewing angles, sharp images and fast (8 ms) response times, while reducing color shift and distortion from any angle.

Panel brightness is listed at 800 nits, while the contrast ratio was said to be 1,200:1. The viewing angle is listed as 178 degrees, horizontally and vertically.

In addition to ATSC tuning, the set will include dual NTSC tuners and a QAM tuner for in-the-clear digital cable broadcasts.

Other inputs include dual progressive component video inputs with 3:2 pull-down, user selectable audio equalizer preset modes and reverb effects.

Syntax said it is also offering purchasers a choice of speaker positions. Audio is handled by two detachable speakers driven by 25-watts of power.