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Sprint Heeds T-Mobile’s Message To Verizon

T-Mobile buzzed Verizon’s headquarters earlier this week to deliver a skywritten message complaining about data-overage charges, but Sprint got the message, not Verizon.

Beginning Oct. 30, Sprint will eliminate data-overage charges for subscribers of its Family Share Pack plans. It will also launch a Starter Unlimited Data plan that comes without overage charges. To eliminate overage charges, Sprint will throttle back data speeds to 2G after subscribers reach their high-speed data caps. Customers will get the option to buy additional high-speed data at $15/GB.

With the new Starter Unlimited Data plan, users get unlimited talk and text for $20/month and pay another $20/month for 1GB of high-speed data. After the data limit is reached, speeds slow to 2G, and customers get the option to buy more high-speed data. Sprint Global Roaming also is included with the plan.

Sprint said the Starter plan is the lowest priced single-user plan available from any of the four national carriers. A $45 single-line plan from AT&T offers 300MB of data with unlimited talk and text, while T-Mobile charges $50 for 1GB with unlimited talk and text. T-Mobile’s plan also eliminates data-overage changes.  The lowest price single-user plan from Verizon is $50 for 1GB with unlimited talk and text.

Separately, Sprint launched a new $70/month unlimited high-speed data plan with unlimited talk and text for individual users. Though the plan costs $10 more than a similar unlimited plan dropped earlier this month, the new plan adds 3GB of mobile hot spot data.

Despite the increase, a spokesperson told TWICE, the plan is still $10/month less than a similar T-Mobile plan. AT&T and Verizon no longer offer unlimited data plans.