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Sprint Going After New Dealers With Panorama Plan

Overland Park, Kan. — Sprint Wholesale Solutions has launched the Sprint Panorama program designed to “open the door for existing and new entrants” to sell wireless products.

With Sprint Panorama, the Sprint Wholesale Solutions sales team assists brands by addressing their wireless objectives enabling them to seize new opportunities, differentiate and grow through mobility, the company said.

Research has predicted that the number of MVNO subscribers is rising at a predicted 10 percent annual growth rate globally. Helping brands capitalize on that opportunity, Sprint Panorama focuses on close collaboration, offering greater industry insights and strategic account plans that can extend the value of wireless to their customers beyond merely offering access to the network and devices, the carrier said.

 “Providing network access alone to our MVNO customers and turning them loose on the market isn’t going to cut it in today’s competitive wireless landscape,” said Karen Freitag, global sales VP, wholesale and international at Sprint. “With years of expertise and proven success in enabling MVNOs, Sprint has the vision and ability to diagnose the most difficult wireless challenges for brands and turn them into a winning financial opportunity.”

Sprint said the core tenants of the Panorama structure include:

Insights: Utilizing procured research, big data, training and its Innovation Lab, Sprint Wholesale Solutions can open up a new set of opportunities that brands may not have imagined.

Connections: Sprint Wholesale Solutions has “the experience and an array of connection services that can lead to increased mobility, including wireless, wireline, global networks, metered usage, hardware and programs.”

Innovation: The program can provide value-added custom solutions such as mobile data, mobile functionality, mobile commerce, mobile to-go, interfaces framework and connected life, Sprint can help brands drive additional revenue or reduce costs, and aid in deeper customer relationships.

Support: Sprint can assist brands embarking on their wireless endeavor by offering go-to-market solutions, a dedicated account team, proactive product innovation, business-building programs and marketing support.