Sprint Bundles iPhone, Mini

Leasing deal includes unlimited talk and text, 2GB shared data at $100/month
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Overland Park, Kan. – Sprint is bundling an iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 3 as part of a device-leasing deal that saves consumers $17 per month.

The bundle consists of the 16GB versions of the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 3. Through April 9, consumers can lease both products with 2GB of shared data, plus unlimited talk and text on the iPhone, for $100 per month and $0 down with no activation fees. Consumers must use Sprint’s leasing plans, called the iPhone for Life plan and the iPad for Life plan.

The leased bundle would normally cost $117, which would include a $17 monthly lease for the tablet and a $20 lease for the iPhone. The bundle also includes a $50 per month unlimited talk and text plan and $30 per month plan for 2GB of data.

Sprint’s leasing plans are available only through Sprint-owned stores and Sprint-brand stores operated by retailers. Under the leasing programs, consumers can continue leasing an unsubsidized iPad or iPhone on a month-to-month basis after the original lease expires. Alternately, consumers can purchase the device or return the device to lease or purchase a different device.

Monthly payments are lower than under the carrier’s Easy Pay installment-payment plans. Under those plans, monthly payments for unsubsidized devices are higher, but at the end of a 24-month term, the customer owns the phone. Sprint Easy Pay customers also get the option to pay an additional monthly fee to obtain an early upgrade.


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