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Sports, Fitness Training Datas Up

Running laps won’t cut it anymore. For serious athletes and fitness buffs, hardcore data can amplify hardcore training. Sensors and wearables are delivering more highly targeted and specific analytics to hone an athlete’s training regimens to the specific skills they need to improve upon. Here are some cutting-edge devices on the market today.

Kinetek Sports’ ClubHub is a sensor system for golfers and instructors that analyzes a user’s golf swing while automatically tracking shots from tee to green, and delivering analytics directly to a smartphone app and the Cloud, in real-time. ClubHub’s lightweight and unobtrusive sensors secure to the butt-end of every club, and using GPS tracking technology, allow golfers to record rounds and scoring stats such as driving distances, fairways hit, greens in regulation and putting, as well as capturing a 3D image of their swing on every shot, including club head speed, face angle, angle of attack, temp and transition angle.

The Speedo Shine is a wearable device for swimmers that tracks laps, distance and calories burned, as well as being a general fitness and sleep monitor when worn outside the pool. It was developed as the result of a partnership with Misfit and is compatible with Speedo’s free custom swimming app.

The Zepp Tennis 2.0 app works with any Zepp sensor and allows tennis players and coaches to analyze serves in 3D and track their match play on any iOS or Android device. The app delivers analysis from a practice session or match so players can focus on and measure three main areas of play: intensity, consistency and power. The intensity score breaks down total active and inactive time during a match, and how many shots are taken. The consistency score identifies strengths and weaknesses and measures how often players are hitting the sweet spot with their forehand, backhand and serve. The power score captures racquet speed for every shot and serve and provides feedback on ball spin. Training videos include content from Milos Raonic, currently ranked No. 9 worldwide on the ATP Tour, and drills from other top tennis professionals.

Haïku is bike computer from France that pairs with a user’s smartphone. It is specifically designed for urban cyclists “focused on safety and simplicity.” Information is accessed via gesture control and a touchless sensor. It offers GPS navigation, message and call notifications, as well as speed and ride statistics. A proprietary magnetic dock makes set up simple. It is water-resistant and visibility adjusts to daylight and night-time riding.

The smart tank from Hexoskin tracks a wearer’s sleep in addition to heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, and activity metrics such intensity level, steps, pace, and calories burned. The full kit comes with a Hexoskin smart shirt with integrated sensors and built-in bra, a Bluetooth recording device that pair with a smartphone or tablet, and the free Hexoskin app to track and analyze performance.