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Sony Slates PS2, GT3 Bundle

LOS ANGELES – Sony Computer Entertainment America said it would underscore the release of Gran Turismo 3: A Spec, which some consider the first Triple-A title for the PlayStation 2 platform, with a promotional bundle including the console and the racing game.

Sony plans to package a copy of GT3 in with the PS2 console to entice racing enthusiasts to join the ranks of PS2 users. The GT3 package will be released simultaneously with the release of the software on July 10, 2001, at a $329.99 suggested retail price.

Sony has high hopes for the game’s release. Earlier versions of GT3 for the PlayStation 1 have been some of the best selling video games in the racing genre ever released.

Meanwhile, Gran Turismo 3: A Spec offers some of the most realistic graphics yet produced for a home-based game console. The cars in program are designed to look identical to the authentic racecars, and environmental mapping used to author the game shows reflections of the surrounding objects on the car. Players have literally hundreds of cars to choose from, and each is written with unique characteristics for handling, offering a vast array of racing experiences.

To enhance the game, Sony has licensed Logitech to distribute an after-market Force-Feedback steering wheel that is designed to the specifications of the GT3 game to bring the virtual racing experience to life.