Sony Pictures Readies First New Film For 4K Blu-ray Release

Concussion to join multiple Sony catalog titles
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Sony Pictures’ Concussion will appear on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) will launch its first new feature film on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc with the March 29 launch of Concussion.

The new movie will follow the studio’s March 1 release of its first six catalog titles on 4K discs. Those titles are The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Salt, Hancock, Chappie, Pineapple Express, and The Smurfs 2.

Pricing on the new title was not announced, but pricing on preorders of other Sony titles has been. Spider-Man and Hancock, for example, are listed as $35.99 for a bundle of a 4K disc and a 1080p disc, though Amazon is retailing the bundle at $24.99.

All of the films are available with high dynamic range (HDR).

The 4K Concussion disc also features Dolby TrueHD 7.1 soundtrack with Dolby Atmos.

Also on March 29, Blu-ray and DVD versions of Concussion will also be available. And on March 15, a digital version will be available.

Three other home-video companies -- Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainments, and Warner Brothers Home Entertainment -- plan to launch 4K Blu-ray titles to coincide with this year’s conservative hardware launch from Samsung, Philips, and Panasonic. The suggested retail prices announced for 4K discs to date range from $22.99 to $42.99.

Concussion is based on a true story about a forensic neuropathologist who diagnoses a new brain disease and its link to concussion-related injuries in professional football players.


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