Sony Opens Memory Stick Displays In Circuit City

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NEW YORK -- Circuit City and Sony's plan to co-promote Sony Memory Stick-based products through an interactive display to be installed in all 600 Circuit City locations by the end of June has officially kicked off.

Sony also announced that Sharp Electronics will start shipping a Memory Stick-based E-musee portable audio player in the U.S. by the end of 2000.

John Froman, Circuit City's executive VP for merchandising, said Sony has a two-year contract to have the kiosks in all Circuit locations.

The displays will differ slightly from store to store, but all will contain 20 different Sony Memory Stick products and occupy about 22 linear feet, said Mark Viken, president of Sony's Personal Network Solutions company. A smaller version will be placed in Circuit City Express stores by the end of the year.

The Circuit City deal is not exclusive, Viken said, and Sony is talking with other retailers about adding the displays to their stores.

Circuit trained 20,000 of its sales associates to explain Memory Stick media and products to consumers and has supplied each with a Memory Stick containing a wide variety of demonstration material.

With its E-musee, Sharp is the first Memory Stick licensee to announce a product for the U.S. market. Bob Scaglione, Sharp's associate VP of marketing, said no firm plans are set for other Sharp Memory Stick products. Also, a price for the E-musee has not been determined.


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