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Sony Launches PS2 Greatest Hits

Sony Computer Entertainment America said it would launch a Greatest Hits series of all-time favorite games for the PlayStation2.

The announcement came at the company’s second annual retail and publisher’s conference called “Destination PlayStation,” held here. Sony said it would position qualifying titles for “impulse purchases” by dropping suggested retail prices to $24.95 each.

Scheduled to launch at retail April 1, the Greatest Hits series will comprise titles that have sold 400,000 or more units and that have been in the market at least nine months.

Initial titles in the Greatest Hits Series will include ATV Offroad Fury, Gran Turismo 3 A-spec, Twisted Metal: Black , and Dark Cloud.

Sony said the four titles “have become bona fide hits on PlayStation2 with combined unit sales of more than 2.8 million.”

Sony said the Playstation2 platform was a strong performer during the 2001 holiday selling season, moving more than 3 million consoles in a 60-day period.

“With an installed hardware base of 8.6 million units, and a cumulative software-to-hardware tie ratio of 4.5 to 1, we have outperformed original category and general business expectations with PlayStation2 during its first year on the market,” said Andrew House, senior vice president, Sony Computer Entertainment America. “We are proud of the fact that with our publishing partners, we collectively have been able to deliver the most impressive, compelling gaming experience to millions of enthusiasts around the world.”

House said the Greatest Hits collection will provides an incentive for new gamers to purchase PlayStation2 and core gamers to add classic titles to their existing libraries.

“Historically, we have always taken a very consumer-centric approach to the market,” he added. “We are focused on presenting users with the best entertainment experience at compelling prices, further extending the PlayStation 2 value proposition by consistently passing on savings to the consumer.”

Following the launch of the initial four Greatest Hits titles, Sony is planning additional Greatest Hits releases from Sony and its publishing partners. All titles will meet the nine-month, 400,000 unit minimums, but pricing may vary by manufacturer, Sony said.