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Sony Grows iPod Line: Adds DVD Shelf Systems, High-Powered Speaker

Sony is expanding its selection of DVD-equipped shelf systems with embedded LCD screen and iPod dock, and it’s launching its highest-power iPod speaker system to date.

The single-chassis iPod/iPhone-certified speaker system, the Trik, looks like a skateboard; features 75 watts RMS of total amplification; and, at an expected everyday $130, delivers more power output than any other speaker dock at the price point, said Mike Kahn, director of Sony’s mobile and shelf business units. Sony’s other dedicated iPod speakers systems, excluding iPod-docking shelf systems, are rated from 20 watts to 40 watts, he noted.

The 28-inch-wide, 6-inch-tall Trik, shipping at the end of March, looks like a skateboard turned on its side with wheels facing the listener, Kahn said. Four skins, each with different artwork, are included in the box to customize the Trik’s look.

In three-piece shelf systems, the first-half lineup will include two models with DVD playback, LCD screen and integrated iPod/iPhone-certified dock. In the previous lineup, Sony offered one DVD/LCD-equipped shelf system, whose dock lacked iPhone certification.

One of the two new models, called the Sleek, ships in early summer at an expected everyday $499. It features 100-watt output, AM/FM tuner, CD/DVD player, and 9-inch color LCD screen to view DVD video as well as iPod/iPhone-stored video. It features a Scandinavian-style design and capacitive touch switches on a wet-glass-look front panel.

The other new model, shipping in the spring at an expected everyday $499, comes with 7-inch LCD screen, slightly less wattage and a more traditional look. Additional details were unavailable.