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Sonos Taps iPod As Multi-Room Source


— Sonos came to
the CEDIA Expo to add a wireless
iPod/iPhone dock as a new
music source for the company’s
wireless multi-room-audio system.

The wireless dock is due in
October at a suggested $119.
Sonos systems features amplified
and unamplified tabletop clients
that stream music wirelessly
from a PC and from the Internet.

With the dock, consumers
could listen to their music libraries
without booting up a PC or
connecting a PC at all to the Sonos
network, but a spokesman
said some households would
use both sources. The dock,
for example, will enable friends
to bring their music to a Sonos
household for playback through
a Sonos system.

The Sonos Wireless Dock
is compatible with iPod Touch
(first, second and third generation),
iPod Classic, iPod Nano
(third, fourth and fifth generation),
iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S,
iPhone 3G and iPhone.

Separately, Sonos launched its
free iPad app to control Sonos
systems via Wi-Fi.