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It’s always been a challenge to find one headphone that keeps up with you all day; everyday earbuds work for your commute but fall out at the gym, while sports headphones may stay in, but not without sacrificing style and sound quality. In January 2014, SOL REPUBLIC announced Relays ($79.99), the first cross-over headphone that keeps up with you during work, sport and play and the only in-ear headphone that will keep up with you all day.   Relays just fits, right out of the box. New FreeFlex™ technology adapts itself to every user and provides a comfortable and secure fit, without sacrificing style, while also ensuring they won’t fall out. Its unique lightweight, low-profile design and water/sweat resistant exterior make it easy to wear underneath any type of helmet without discomfort or during any aspect of your active lifestyle. New i5 sound engines bring amazingly full and balanced sound that you wouldn’t expect from an in-ear headphone.   Relays are available in four colors and include a three-button remote control that allows you take and make phone calls and adjust your music the way you want it. SOL REPUBLIC also offers an exclusive “Ear Tips for Life” program that will replace your ear tips anytime they are lost, misplaced or even if you just want a different size.   Relays are always ready to bring you the music that helps push you through the last mile of your run, the last hour of your day or the long ride home.