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SOL Cuts The Cord

In a move to appeal to the Lightning-only iPhone 7 users, SOL Republic has unveiled its latest headphones: the Amps Air wireless ear buds.

These Bluetooth ear buds lack a connecting cable between them and are positioned to directly compete with the Apple AirPods (whenever Apple ends up making them available). They are capable of delivering up to three hours of playtime.

The ear buds are wrapped in silicone and feature scalloped grooves meant to act similarly to treads on a tire, said SOL, enabling a comfortable and secure fit inside the ear. The grooves also serve to reduce sweat buildup by enabling enhanced airflow, said the company, making them a potential model in athletic environments.

The Amps Air can also be used in mono mode, with bikers or runners choosing to use just one ear bud at a time.

Included with the headphones is a charging case with a built-in 2,200 mAh battery and USB port. The case is able to charge the Amps Air more than 15 times before it needs to be charged, and it can also serve as a smartphone charger.

The Amps Air automatically turn on when removed from the case and turn off and recharge when placed back in. A multifunction button can be used to take calls or activate Siri and Google.

Suggested retail is $179. Four colors are currently available: gold, black, teal and Rose Gold.