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Socket Intros New GPS, Wi-Fi

Socket Communications is introducing a new 802.11g CF card as well as an updated Bluetooth GPS kit for Windows-based PDAs and other devices at International CES.

The new Socket GPS Nav kit offers updated Bluetooth software that automatically handshakes with other Bluetooth devices. When the user installs the new Connect!Agent software on a PDA or laptop, it will automatically search for a Bluetooth GPS device signal. It will also automatically reconnect if the device is moved out of range and then returns within in range.

“There’s no tapping on dialog boxes,” said marketing VP Peter Phillips.

The kit also offers Windows Mobile 5.0 support and is shipping now at a $349 suggested retail price.

The new Socket 802.11g CF card is called the Go Wi-Fi. It will ship in January at a suggested retail price of $99.

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