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Infographic: 87 Million Americans Have Had Smartphone Damage In The Past Year

Allstate Protection Plans survey finds smartphone owners underestimate both the likelihood they will damage their phone and the cost of repairs

Americans who have dropped their smartphones on the sidewalk or into a swimming pool are far from alone. A survey by Allstate Protection Plans found that 140 million Americans have damaged a smartphone at some point in their lives, with 87 million having a mishap in the past 12 months.¹

“Our survey found that many Americans underestimate the frequency of smartphone damage and the cost of repairs. Many opt to use damaged devices rather than seek repairs, suffering through embarrassment and even bodily harm to their fingers,” said Jason Siciliano, vice president and global creative director at Allstate Protection Plans. “We recommend that consumers invest in cases and screen protectors and consider protection plans to help with repair costs. Considering how much we use our phones every day, it’s worth it.”

For more information on how to keep smartphones safe and avoid hefty out-of-pocket repair costs with a protection plan, visit (Redirects to, an Allstate company.)

(image credit: Allstate Protection Plans)

About Allstate Protection Plans
Allstate Protection Plans, serviced by SquareTrade, an Allstate company, is a highly rated protection plan provider trusted by millions of customers for its fast and efficient service. Our plans are available for mobile devices, electronics, appliances, furniture and other consumer products at major retailers and carriers across North America and Europe. Now, Allstate Phone Protection Plus is also available through Allstate agencies.

¹Allstate Protection Plans Mobile Study Methodology and Data Sources:
The Allstate Protection Plans 2020 Mobile Repair Study was conducted online in August 2020 using Rep Data among a sample of 1,009 American adults. Data was weighted to ensure the representativeness of the general American population. Population estimates are based on July 2019 US Census data.