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Smart Appliances: Thermador Freedom Collection Culinary Preservation Centers

TWICE VIP Award 2016 Winner! Every cook knows an ultimate meal requires the freshest, most flavorful ingredients – the entire culinary experience truly begins with the cooling appliances. But, today’s culinary enthusiasts want more than food preservation when it comes to selecting refrigeration for their home – they want a choice that gives them the freedom to personalize their kitchen, media room or dining room to their unique style of cooking and entertaining. A true innovator, Thermador originated the built-in modular refrigeration concept with the Freedom Collection – and it has truly become the next generation of refrigeration. These Thermador Preservation Centers offer the ultimate in refrigeration storage, and an amazing array of refrigerator, freezer and wine unit combinations that allow for flexibility and customization in the kitchen – and throughout the home. Thermador Freedom Collection fresh food columns feature technology that ensures better temperature management for optimum preservation. The Thermador FlexTemp Drawer helps maintain fish at 32 degrees, meats and cheeses at 35 degrees and produce at 37 degrees. The specially designed FreeFlow Cold Air System in the Thermador Freedom Collection door allows contents placed on the door shelves to remain cold, and quickly get back to the temperature that the interior is set at once the door is closed. Super Cool returns food to ideal preservation temperatures most quickly after returning from the market, or after utilizing as part of meal prep. Electronic controls provide precise temperature management for the fresh food column and temperature controlled drawers within the unit.