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Smaller, Better Organized Fall Comdex 2001 Predicted

With Comdex Fall 2001 just one week away, the show planners are prepared for a smaller but comprehensive technology event that is designed to be better organized and more enjoyable for attendees.

Show organizer Key3 Media is expecting a smaller crowd this year with perhaps 150,000 attending, down from the usual 200,000, said Tim Myhre, president of Comdex worldwide. But even this number could drop. About 2,000 exhibitors are expected to be on hand.

“Sept. 11 changed all the rules so we are not sure how firm our registration numbers are,” Myhre said.

Key3 Media and the city of Las Vegas are spending a lot of money and taking every step possible to ensure the safety of everyone attending, he said, including the hiring of an outside security firm. Myhre would not go into any detail concerning the security apparatus that will be in place. The one announced change is the banning of bags on the show floor.

The other noticeable difference is this year’s show has been consolidated in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Past events have used the Sands Convention Center, but with the show being smaller and the recent expansion of the LVCC all 2,000, exhibitors can be housed under one roof, Myhre said.

While this year’s show will emphasize the IT side of the computer technology, many consumer-oriented products will be on hand, particularly in the PDA and handheld computer area.

Key3’s effort to make Comdex more efficient and easier for attendees to navigate continues this year with the exhibitors and show floor being segmented into various technology zones. Myhre said people will now know where to go to view certain products and hopefully rid the show of the connotation that it is simply too large. The technology zones include Internet appliances, networking, OEM components, new media/publishing (printers and copiers) and e-mobility for wireless devices.