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Simple Matters’ Low-Cost Vibrating Ditto Pairs To Smartphones

Santa Monica, Calif. — Start-up Simple Matters has begun offering a clip-on wearable that vibrates to alert users to incoming cellphone calls.

The Kickstarter-funded device, called Ditto, is available on Amazon at $39.95.

The lightweight 8-gram device can be clipped onto waistbands, bra straps, shirt collars and other articles of clothing to alert users even if their phone is in a briefcase, purse or another room.   A wristband is included with each Ditto.

Alerts can be customized to notify users to incoming calls from select contacts or to all calls, and different vibration patterns can be used to identify different callers. Ditto can also be used to wake up its wearer in the morning and vibrate when the wearer’s phone is accidentally left behind.

The device runs on a replaceable lithium-ion battery said to last for four to six months.

Ditto is available in black, white and clear, and because it’s waterproof, it can be worn at the gym or while swimming, the company said.

It measures 22 by 37 by 10mm.

Ditto connects via Bluetooth LE to the iPhone 5 and later iPhones running on iOS 7 and later, and it connects to Android phones running on Android 4.4 and later.