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Silicon Optix Unveils ‘Realta’ Chip

Silicon Optix, a San Jose, Calif.-based silicon chip manufacturer, used CEDIA Expo to announce a video processing IC it has developed with Teranex, one of the leading suppliers of imaging processing solutions for the broadcast and post-production industries.

Silicon Optix called its IC the “Realta chip.” It combines Teranex’s trillion-operation-per-second broadcast-quality video processing with Silicon Optix’s proprietary geometric-scaling technology to create a very high performance standard for up-converted HD and SD image sources, which the company is calling “Hollywood Quality Video” or HQV.

Realta’s programmability allows consumer electronics manufacturers to optimize image quality for different types of display technologies such as plasma, LCD, DLP, HTPS, D-ILA and LCoS.

Silicon Optix, which recently acquired Teranex, is recruiting video display manufacturers to adopt its new video processing circuitry for future products.

Although Teranex’s systems are known to cost as much as $65,000 in professional applications, Silicon Optix executives said they were able to tap many of the same benefits for the Realta chip, which will carry a minimal added cost when incorporated into one of today’s higher-end displays.

“Leading up to the acquisition, Silicon Optix has been working with Teranex under a veil of secrecy for almost two years,” said Dennis Cresp, Silcon Optix’s marketing VP.