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Siemens Gigaset Enters U.S. DECT Market

Gigaset Communications, manufacturers of cordless telephones under the Siemens Gigaset brand in Europe, entered the U.S. telephony market with a portfolio of DECT 6.0 phone products.

Topping the line is the company’s new Gigaset One, which merges home and mobile Bluetooth phone systems by allowing users to make and receive mobile calls on any corded or cordless phone with or without a landline.

Gigaset One allows users to connect up to three Bluetooth cellphones with one-time, one-touch setup. Each connected phone will then have a unique ringtone. The device also helps eliminate poor audio quality and cellular dead zones, the company said.

“We know that most consumers value the reliability, performance and quality of a landline phone but want the option to merge their home and cellular phones. We are introducing Gigaset One to provide consumers with the convergence solution they want from Siemens Gigaset, a brand they can trust,” said Rod Keller, CEO of Siemens Gigaset, North America.

The Gigaset One will retail for $99.99 and is expected to be available this month in Staples and OfficeMax stores. It will then be rolled out to Best Buy and RadioShack as well as Verizon carrier stores, Keller told TWICE in a briefing.

Among the company’s first DECT 6.0 phone systems for the U.S. market, the flagship Siemens Gigaset SL785 features a sleek, ultra-modern metal frame and full-duplex hands-free, Bluetooth and USB interfaces.

These cordless systems can be personalized with sounds and images with included QuickSync 4.0 software.

Users can load photos and ringtones from a PC to the phone. Different colors can also be assigned to callers or caller groups to enable quick visual recognition. The SL785, engineered in Germany, will retail for $189.

The step-down Gigaset S790 and S795 feature high-tolerance metal keypads and can be extended to up to six handsets. A 1.8-inch color display boasts an icon-structured menu, much like a cellphone’s.

Designed for the home consumer and professional users, both systems offer a 500-entry address book and mini-USB interface for easy data synchronization. Both models will retail from $139 and be available in the third quarter.