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Sherwood Adds To Newcastle Line

Six aluminum-finish products planned for Sherwood’s Newcastle series include a 6.1-channel receiver with digital amplification and Newcastle’s first receiver to upconvert video inputs to component output.

Also new are Newcastle’s first DVD player with RGB output and photo-disc compatibility, the series’ first two-channel receiver, a preamp processor and a seven-channel amp.

The digitally amplified receiver, the $599-suggested RD-903, uses Texas Instruments technology to provide a direct digital connection between any PCM input to the digital Class D pulse-width-modulated amplification stage, avoiding D/A conversion until the output stage, the company said. A companion $299-suggested V-903 progressive-scan player features HDCD, RGB output, DD/DTS decoding and playback of MP3-CDs, Kodak Picture CDs and JPEG CDs. The two ship in May.

August deliveries are planned of Newcastle’s first stereo receiver, the $249-suggested RX-465 with 2 by 105 watts. Stereo receivers are often used in custom home theater rooms to run a second audio zone, the company said.

October availability is planned of a trio of products at the other end of the price spectrum. The $1,999-suggested 7.1-channel R-965 receiver features an operating system that can be upgraded via RS-232 or USB ports to add new surround decoders or other features. It offers Dolby Headphone, DTS 96/24, upconversion of video inputs to component output and on-screen menu via the component output.

The other October products are a P-965 preamp/processor and separate A-965 seven-channel amp, both at a suggested $1,449. The preamp/processor features all of the electronics capabilities of the R-965 receiver. The amp is rated at 7 by 110 watts.