Sheltering Your Palm From The Storm

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SANTA CLARA, CALIF. —Proving that when it rains it pours, Palm has hooked up with the makers of Burberry raincoats, to create a line of Spring raincoats with a special pocket for a Palm handheld PC.

The coats (for men and women) are now available in the US with a pocket that features a static shield lining material, a waterproof liner, as well as a laser engraved Palm logo button closure. Prices range from $185 to $695.

The coats are produced by Sanyo Fashion House, a subsidiary of Sanyo Shokai Tokyo, one of the largest international apparel manufacturers in Japan, according to Palm. The company produces clothing under several brands including Burberry.

Sanyo Fashion House determined that many of its customers are also Palm users "who need a pocket with greater security and accessibility," said national sales manager Chris Champlin.


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