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Sharp To Ship Blu-ray Recorder In Japan

Sharp announced that it would deliver on Dec. 9 its first Blu-ray Disc (BD) recorder for the Japanese market. With the announcement, Sharp becomes the third company to introduce a deck using the new high-density optical disc media for Japan, joining Sony and Panasonic.

Sharp’s recorder, model BD-HD100, is slated to sell for approximately $3,000 and incorporates a 160GB hard disk drive and HDMI and dual IEEE-1394 digital connectors. Also included is a twin tray for Blu-ray and DVD discs. Internal digital terrestrial and satellite tuners are also added for the needs of the Japanese market.

The unit also features a slim-cabinet design modeled after Sharp’s line of Aquos LCD-TVs, and is positioned as a companion piece to those displays in Japan.

The BD-HD100 will record and playback HD pictures on both the hard drive and on Blu-ray Disc media. The hard drive will store up to 19 hours of HDTV programming at one time, the company said. A blank 25GB single-layer rewritable Blu-ray Disc will record about three hours of HDTV programming.